Monday, December 12, 2011

One Day at A Time Novella Accepted

I just found out that a novella I submitted, One Day at a Time, has been accepted by Dreamspinner Press! More information including cover date, blurb, and art coming as soon as I get it!

Monday, May 2, 2011

First Impressions Promotional Text

Here's the blurb about my next story, "First Impressions," part of the June "First Time for Everything" series from Dreamspinner Press:

First Impressions

By Dawn Douglas
After an accidental brush with fame while working a high-profile serial murder case, forensic anthropologist Dr. David Holt is sent on a lecture junket to pass the time until media interest in his work dies down. More tired and grouchy than a true misanthrope, his patience is stretched to the breaking point by the end of the circuit. Then David meets Matthew Carter, who stumbles into his lecture both late and disheveled.  However, the young man’s determination to befriend his idol and his enthusiasm for the subject reminds David that sometimes life sends good things your way when you least expect them.

First Time for Everything

Well, the excitement from Uniform Appeal has finally worn off a little, but only because I just got the news that my next story - First Impressions, part of the June First Time for Everything series - has been finalized by the editorial department and is ready for release in June. I don't have the exact day yet, but as soon as I know I'll post it here.

For now, here is the cover:

2011 Daily Dose - First Time for Everything

Monday, April 18, 2011

It's out, it's story is out!

Uniform Appeal published on April 11! I got my author copies in the mail a couple of days later and read through the stories, and I'm pretty happy with mine. Some of them were really excellent, but I think Sam and Jake held their own quality-wise nicely. For your reading pleasure, here is the promotional text from, "Heat of the Moment."

Heat of the Moment by Dawn Douglas
Dr. Jake Matthews is working as a fellow in critical medicine at a hospital in San Antonio when a disastrous high-rise blaze brings firefighter Sam Roberts to his ER. Passion ignites when Sam and Jake realize that sometimes the only way to get through a tragedy is to find someone to help you celebrate life.

If you'd like to buy Uniform Appeal (HOTM starts on page 154) or my next story, coming out in June, you can do it through my author page at Dream Spinner Press:

Monday, March 28, 2011

Uniform Appeal Cover Art

I'm choosing to believe they created this cover art based totally on Sam from my story, because, yeah, this is now exactly what his chest looks like in my mind.

Two Weeks Out...

So I just got an e-mail from my editor - yes, I have an EDITOR (uh-huh, still that excited about it) - that all the final revisions are done on Uniform Appeal and it is set to go for release on April 11, 2011. Run, don't walk, to and check out the Coming Soon section for Uniform Appeal!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I have an author page!

So my author page went live on Dreamspinner Press today. It's a little discouraging to see that there are, as of yet, no contents in my "works" section, but that's ok. I'm sure they'll add it after the Uniform Appeal anthology comes out, right?